Price*: $300 for a 90 minute session

Group Size: 24 youth

Age Range: 6th-8th grade

What's Provided? lab coats, name tags, safety gear and all materials needed are provided.

Travel fee may apply depending on location. Contact for details.*Prices subject to change

Class Summary

This chemistry session will include a short demonstration to cover the principles that will be explored during the experiment portion. Using the scientific method and take home handouts, the first half of the session students will make casein plastic from milk and vinegar and turn it into a cool craft. The second half of the session students will be making Elephant's Toothpaste! Grinnin Fish staff will be available to help answer questions and guide students through the experimentation process.

Principles Explored

Casein Plastic: Signs that a chemical reaction has occurred, precipitates, atoms, catalysts, molecules, monomers and polymers, denaturing of proteins; pH.

Elephant's Toothpaste: Measurements, types of chemical reactions, catalysts, exothermic reactions


Indoor or outdoor class. If indoor we will need enough space for six, five foot long tables (provided by you) for the presentation and hands on portion of the class. A responsible staff member from your organization must be present for the entire session.