"It was an amazing party. Such a unique, educational way to have so much fun and celebrate a birthday..Can't wait to have you do another event for us. The boys are hooked! Thank you so much. I wasn't expecting the parents to enjoy it as much as the kids, but we all had a blast and learned so much in the process.. " -DeeDee A.

"The word science makes some people stumble and stiffen up. Science -that must be hard to understand, perhaps a fear of science? Thanks to people like Christine Longdon, science becomes fun and educational. She makes learning scientific concepts understandable and easy. When a Grinnin Fish activity comes your way you are bound to go away with a smile on your face, saying wow that was cool! Christine has done many activities at Cama Beach State Park and Larrabee State Park. All have been very well organized. Scientific concepts are explored with age appropriate hands on activities. All the young scientists are winners with Christine’s ability to focus on each participant. Young or old you will be thrilled by some experiment you have not thought to try." -Tina Dinzl-Pederson, Program Interpretive Specialist for Cama Beach State Park.

"Christine effervesces with enthusiasm and ideas and translates that into great hands-on science activities that are both educational and fun. The fact that she is a fountain of ideas and loves what she's doing makes her science-based activities a real treat for kids (and for the little kid in all adults). I can’t begin to imagine how much prep time is involved in Christine’s great hands-on "experiments", but it certainly pays off for the kids who get to experience one of her educational and entertaining programs. An added benefit is most of the experiments use commonly available household items so kids can show their siblings and friends what they learned when they get home."

-John Custer, Cama Beach Foundation President.

"The kids had so much FUN with the water science! Thank you so much for all your energy and time! You have so many neat experiments and we feel so lucky that you were willing to share them with us! Thank you so much! What a perfect way to finish up our reading story titled 'The Science Experiment.' "

-Cindy Wilfong, third grade teacher- Cedarhome Elementary

"Christine was truly great! She had the best attitude and presented herself and her ideas to the students with a fun-filled sense and the love of science. Thanks for sharing her with us all!!!" -Elizabeth Pollock, third grade teacher- Cedarhome Elementary

"I just wanted to thank you for sharing your amazing skills with the kids. They will remember this for ever!" -Tammi Ellis ECEAP Teacher- Josephine Sunset Home

"The whole party went well and all the kids had a lot of fun. Very exciting to see minds being creative and no one had any problems with the mad scientist girls :) Had a wonderful time and Kloe said it was the best birthday ever!" -Kim, Chris, Kloe and Mason

"Christine Longdon is a born teacher. She has an easy rapport with kids, and she peppers her presentations with funny ad libs. She gives just enough information to get the kids started before letting them begin discovering for themselves. She circulates among them, asking questions and commenting in ways that guide children to find answers to their own questions. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and the kids are having such fun they don't even realize how much they are learning."

-Vicky Beatty, Children’s Librarian- Stanwood Library

"The students were really excited to experiment with the dry ice. Christine was very well prepared with all the materials. She gave detailed information and instructions. This was a fun and hands on activity for our 5th graders."

Megan Ovenell- 5th grade teacher, Stanwood Elementary