Wacky Water

Wacky Water

Price*: $200 for a 1 hour session

Group Size: 30 youth (adults are encouraged to play too!)

Age Range: pre-K thru 2nd grade

What's Provided? lab coats, name tags, safety gear and all materials needed are provided.

Travel fee may apply depending on location. Contact for details.*Prices subject to change

Class Summary

What is so wonderful about water you wonder? Wait no longer, see for yourself! This class is fun for all ages, hands-on, and well... wet. Using water in every experiment, we will cover fundamental scientific principles and put them to the test with fun, hands-on science experiments. There will be a short presentation to show the experiments and how they work, after the presentation everyone will be able to visit a station to explore hands on, ask more questions, share observations and enjoy some great water science!

Principles Explored

During this class students will explore water related concepts such as pressure, salinity, buoyancy, density, absorption, evaporation and have a ball getting in touch with the very substance that covers 3/4 of our planet!


Indoor or outdoor class. If indoor, enough space for five, 5 foot long tables (provided by you) for presentation and hands on portion of the class. Additional adult support at a ratio of 1 adult per 10 children required.