Scuba Diving and Pacific NW Marine Life

Scuba Diving and Pacific NW Marine Life

Price*: $175 for a 1 hour session

Group Size: 30 youth (adults are encouraged to play too!)

Age Range: pre-K thru 2nd grade

What's Provided? All materials will be supplied by presenter.

Travel fee may apply depending on location. Contact for details.*Prices subject to change

Class Summary

Poke Your Head Into Puget Sound! In this class you will learn about the gear needed to dive in the chilly waters of Puget Sound. Explore the beauty down below through a slide presentation and learn about some of the cool critters that call Puget Sound home. Check out sea shells, sharks teeth, photos, books, puzzles and take a few pictures with some fun critters while dressed in dive gear. Through hands on experiments you will learn about scientific concepts divers need to take into account to survive below the surface.

There is a presentation to show and talk about diving gear, a marine life slide show, and a demonstration of how the experiments work. After the presentation everyone will be able to visit a station to explore hands on, ask questions, share observations and enjoy some fun science experiments!

Principles Explored

This class introduces scientific principles such as salinity of water, bouyancy, pressure, biological adaptation and artificial adaptation (a fancy way of saying SCUBA gear). Want to learn more about what's below the surface? Then this is the class you need!


Indoor class. Enough space for five, 5 foot long tables to be set up for the hands on portion of the class (provided by you) as well as a video projector and screen or TV with computer video inputs. A clean water source. Additional adult support at a ratio of 1 adult per 10 children required.

** For an additional $30.00- Students can make and take home their very own Cartesian Diver! If you would like to add the take home Cartesian Diver project no problem! Each participant will need a clean, 1 or 2 liter bottle with a lid, no labels, and filled with water (Grinnin Fish does not supply the bottles). Grinnin Fish will provide the additional materials to complete the project. Please plan for an additional ½ hour.