Science Sampler

Ambivalent Science Sampler

Price*: $275 for a 1 hour session

Group Size: 30 youth (adults are encouraged to play too!)

Age Range: Pre-K thru 2nd grade

What's Provided? All experiments, lab coats, name tags, safety gear and all materials needed are supplied

Travel fee may apply depending on location. Contact for details.*Prices subject to change

Class Summary

This class is designed for those of you who are sitting on the fence and just not quite sure which class to choose! We have picked a few of our favorite experiments from 3 different classes and combined them into one! Krazy Kitchen Science, Wacky Water Science and because we love them so much we couldn't leave out some fun Bubble-ology! Another great part about this class is that it can be done indoors!

Principles Explored

This class introduces a variety of scientific principles that may include but are not limited to: density, salinity, freezing/melting points, basic chemistry, acids and bases, color, non-Newtonian fluids, pressure, refraction and diffraction of light, buoyancy, surface tension, how soap works and more!


Indoor or outdoor class. If indoor, enough space for five, 5 foot long tables (provided by you) for presentation and hands on portion of the class. Different foods are used during this class, please let your presenter know if there are any food allergies. Additional adult support at a ratio of 1 adult per 10 children required.