Price*: $300 for a 1 hour session

Group Size: 60 youth (adults are encouraged to play too!)

Age Range: All (who doesnt' like bubbles!)

What's Provided? Everything required to make bubbles of all sizes and shapes.

Travel fee may apply depending on location. Contact for details.*Prices subject to change

Class Summary

Become a Master of Bubble-ology- Experiment with different objects to make bubbles: tiny bubbles, giant bubbles (up to 40' feet long), bubbles you can hold and even square bubbles! Learn how to create your own bubble maker to take home and learn a few secrets for super bubble solutions you can make at home. (If we have enough people we can work together to make a giant parachute bubble at the end).

Principles Explored

This class introduces scientific principles such as buoyancy, surface tension, evaporation, pressure, light diffraction and refraction, and just plain fun (that is an important scientific principle you know!). Additionally, learning may continue with the concept of following recipes and making cool bubble wands, all in the comfort of your own home!


Outdoor class only. Be advised, weather can play a role in the success of this class. An ideal day is overcast and cool (damp and foggy is great for bubbles!). Sunny days work well, but heavy rains are generally a show stopper unless a large covered area is available. Excessively strong winds can also make for a less than stellar habitat for bubbles. We will make every attempt to re-schedule classes canceled due to rain, or the class may be converted to one of the other presentation offerings with at least 48 hours notice. Price will adjust accordingly. Additional adult support at a ratio of 1 adult per 20 children required.